Ride Twinpig 2023 review (ENG)

After three seasons of riding the Ride Twinpig (2020,2022 and 2023 models), it’s finally time for the long-awaited review of the Twinpig 2023 of this board, which excels in freestyle (park), but holds its own just as well on the piste and in powder. Want to know more? Read on.

Ride Twinpig review 2023
Ride Twinpig review 2023

What Ride says:
“The Twinpig is a twin version of our most popular WARPIG model. Our engineering team took what we liked about the versatility and aggression of the WARPIG and packaged it into a twin shape for someone looking for more freestyle performance, but still approaching the mountain with a “thrash everything” mentality that the PIG series is known for. You can time the TWINPIG 3 to 6 inches smaller than your standard twin to take advantage of its unique shape and profile. The TWINPIG is not as wide as the WARPIG, but still wider than a traditional twin. Slim Wall allows for more efficient energy transfer, lighter construction and even better cushioning underfoot. The asymmetrical shape improves initiation and control of turns on the heel side, with different radii for the heel and toe sides. This allows the wider platform to transition effortlessly from one side to the other. A sintered base provides a faster, more durable ride. The TWINPIG is a park-oriented deck that packs all the fun of our WARPIG into a twin shape and is suitable for all skill levels.”

What we say:


Ride Twinpig tested
Ride Twinpig tested

Flex: 5/10. Ride sells the Twin as one of its most flexible boards, but Ride always produces somewhat stiffer boards than the rest. Flex is bang in the middle as far as we’re concerned. Definitely stiff enough for carving and big jumps, but soft enough for tail and nose presses.
Shape: True twin, which is much shorter and much wider than your usual board. It takes some getting used to, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.
On the piste: 7/10 Despite its limited length and relative flex, it holds its own when carving. Some chatter at high speeds, but that’s inevitable with freestyle boards.
In powder: 7/10: Despite its limited length, the board stays up well, thanks to its volume in width. However, those who ride exclusively off-piste are better off looking for another board. For that, with this board it is just a little harder work to ride powder well.
Freestyle/Park: 9/10 This is where the Twinpig excels. The short shape makes the board incredibly maneuverable, making it feel light and give you easy rotations. It is stiff enough to handle big jumps, but also flexible enough to slide well on rails.


Conclusion: the Ride Twinpig has become our favorite board after three seasons. Outstanding in the park, and more than good enough to last as an all mountain.

The Ride Twinpig Snowboard is a versatile and solid choice for riders of all levels. The twin shape and soft-flex rating make it a great option for freestyle riding, allowing for smooth and easy turns, as well as a forgiving ride when landing tricks. The board also has a nice pop, making it easy to get air.

The construction of the Twinpig is durable, with solid edge hold and strong materials that can withstand the rigors of the mountain. The board is also lightweight, making it easier to maneuver and control.

Not much difference in shape or tech between the 2021 2022 2023 models, except the inclusion of slime walls absorb the shock better but is barely noticable. If you find a cheap model from last year: go for it.

Ride Twinpig 2021 2022 2023
Ride Twinpig review, models 2021 2022 2023


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(CM) (MM) (MM) (M) (MM) (MM) (MM) (LBS / KG)
142 1047 250 6.4 / 5.5 5.4 / 4.5 6.4 / 5.5 298 / 298 0 508 60-130 / 27-59
148 1085 257 6.6 / 5.7 5.6 / 4.7 6.6 / 5.7 307 / 307 0 533 100-175 / 45-79
151 1110 263 6.8 / 5.8 5.8 / 4.8 6.8 / 5.8 314 / 314 0 533 130-190 / 59-86
154 1123 268 6.9 / 5.9 5.9 / 4.9 6.9 / 5.9 320 / 320 0 559 140-200 / 63-90
157 1148 270 7 / 6 6 / 5 7 / 6 328 / 328 0 559 170-220+ / 77-100+
156W 1136 275 6.9 / 5.9 5.9 / 4.9 6.9 / 5.9 323 / 323 0 559 160-220+ / 73-100+



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